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From the pristine forests in the Alberni Valley we are now creating Gold! One of our many ancestral homes, “Kleekhoot” is also home to an abundance of Bigleaf Maple Trees unique to the West Coast of British Columbia. Our maple syrup is made from 100% pure Bigleaf Maple Sap and displays tasting highlights of caramel and vanilla. This all-natural, locally produced maple syrup provides an unparalleled culinary experience from our home to yours.

For thousands of years we have owned, used, and occupied our traditional territory on Central Vancouver Island.  We are comprised of three distinct tribes, the Muh-uulth-aht, Klee khoot aht and Cuu-ma-as-aht (Ahahswinis).

We have inhabited our territory, which encompasses what is now known as the Alberni Valley and beyond, since time immemorial or ?iiqh-muut.

Hupacasath pioneered through the first run of the river micro hydro project, Upnit,  and are continuing to be pioneers in the economic development world with Kleekhoot Gold Bigleaf Maple Syrup.

Kleekhoot Gold Bigleaf Maple Syrup is one of seven business ventures the nation is involved in. Please visit hupacasath.ca for more information on Hupacasath First Nation and Hupacasath’s Economic Development Projects.

Kleekhoot Gold Big Leaf Maple Syrup

Kleekhoot Gold is Different from other Maple Syrup

  • Locally produced in the Alberni Valley;
  • Made from 100% pure Bigleaf Maple sap;
  • 200mL and 50mL sizes available.
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