Preorders for 2017 Bigleaf Maple Syrup

Our favourite time of year has come – maple syrup season! The temperatures have warmed up and the sap is now flowing from the trees. Our crews are working hard to collect it all and process it into our amazing syrup. This winter has been colder than average through December which bodes well for sap flows this season. Maple syrup production in British Columbia relies on a cold snap in order to produce the pressures within the tree that allow the sap to release. Some years, this happens as early as the beginning of December in the Alberni Valley. The sustained cold temperatures mean that the season starts up later but also ensures reliable sap production as time goes on.  

We are now accepting preorders for Kleekhoot Gold’s first public release. We are hard at work to produce our top quality local bigleaf maple syrup. We have heard that many of you are eager to get your hands on some as soon as possible. We anticipate being ready to fulfill orders in early March. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us to get your name on the preorder list. Payment will be taken upon pickup. This year we are offering a price of $22.95 for our 200mL bottles and $6.95 for our 50mL bottles.

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Kleekhoot Gold Big Leaf Maple Syrup

Kleekhoot Gold is Different from other Maple Syrup

  • Locally produced in the Alberni Valley;
  • Made from 100% pure Bigleaf Maple sap;
  • 200mL and 50mL sizes available.
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